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You need a website, you are thinking about its development, but do not know how best to do it and where to order, let's deal.

 What do we pay for the creation of the site?
The standard scheme of site development in any major Internet company includes several major steps:

Preliminary preparation
Pre-project analysis. Getting acquainted with the order, setting goals and objectives, studying the specifics of the client, market and competitor analysis. Search and study of the target audience. Drawing up a work schedule and cost estimate. Working out of TOR, consisting of requirements for the technical part of the site and its design. Creating a map of the site.

Development and approval of design
Visual component of the site. Development of a unique idea, the basic graphic design of the site. Development of corporate identity and its individual elements. Technical design. Creation of graphic templates for pages of the site.

Make-up of html-pages according to the selected design for typical pages.

Software work
Combining the site with CMS. Setting up the server, programming, creating conditions for safe operation of the project.  Running the site, refinement of functionality.

Filling the site with information
Placing on the site of thematic content, texts and images.

Testing of the site on the Internet
Checking the site, the presence of errors and failures. Testing of html-pages for proper operation in different browsers.

Delivery of the site
Work on placing the site on the Web at the client's domain. Final testing of the project. Consulting with the client.

Optimization for search engines
A set of works on the promotion of the site in popular search engines.

What to choose "Internet Agency" or "Freelance"?

When you create a website in almost all cases, the question arises where it is better to order this service. You can apply both to the agency and to freelancers who create web projects on their own.

 If you need a quality resource, rather than a simple one-page website or blog, try to do it on their own with the help of free engines is not worth it, because they have a number of limitations on functionality and promotion. Only professionals are able to competently design and optimize a multipage website or a modern online store, using the engine (CMS), which meets all modern requirements of website creation and promotion.

 Choosing between the services of web studios and freelancers, you should start from the budget for the creation of the site, the timing of the project and its level of complexity. Services of a freelancer is not always, but often can be cheaper (up to 1500 rubles per 1 hour of work). However, he may need more time to create the site, because he will work on it alone.

 Not excluded and the human factor with delays in creating the project and extending deadlines. Freelancer may encounter some difficulties in the process. As a result of such circumstances, he will ask to increase the deadline. In the worst case, the freelancer may simply refuse to perform the work, and the customer will have to urgently look for another performer or contact specialized agencies. Also, it is not uncommon that after the delivery of the "raw" site, the freelancer-executor just disappeared and did not get in touch.

In the online agency completely different conditions of work with the customer. In the process of creating the site involve several employees, who lead the project from inception to completion of all work on its creation. The cost of the work may be slightly higher, but the quality of their performance will be at a different level. Also, between the customer and the performer of the contract, which guarantees the performance of tasks and compliance with deadlines.

 The only disadvantage of ordering a website development in the Internet Agency may be a higher cost of services, depending on complexity (about 1500-2500 rubles per hour), but it is covered by guarantees that the work will be done qualitatively and on time, and no one will go anywhere. In the rest of the cooperation with professional IT-companies, customers receive only pluses.

 Website development "turnkey" is also an important advantage of agencies. They use a comprehensive approach to creating web projects, developing their structure together with the customer and supporting the sites even after all the necessary actions for their creation and optimization.