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A competent web designer must know the basic rules of typography. A good specialist is always aware of new trends and popular directions in modern typography.
From the whole list of techniques that web designers use in their work, we can distinguish the 10 most important rules of typography:
Standard fonts are the best.
 Using something new and creative is always interesting. However, it can far from always be beneficial. Studying even very important information presented in a non-standard form, the user can get distracted by its presentation, forgetting about the content.

 For one site is enough two or three fonts
 Using a large number of different fonts on the same site will make it look like the work of an inexperienced novice. Users' interest in such a project will be noticeably lower than a similar resource, but with a more serious design.
Do not use Caps Lock
 Use a large font to focus the reader's attention on some blocks of the site is not recommended. Most users of such a "voice enhancement" is extremely negatively perceived.
Play on the contrast
 To focus the main ideas and correctly switch the user's attention from one type of information to another, use a contrasting text on a common background. The optimal ratio of contrasts is 4:1.
Consider the length of the lines
 Very long and very short lines of text are perceived by users not in the best way. Especially when such lines are the majority. The most attractive length of lines for dextopnoy sites considered 60 characters, the optimal length can also be a string of 40 or 70 characters.
Do away with dangling strings
 Using top and bottom hanging strings on the site is not recommended. You can remove them with a line break or line spacing.
Take into account the distance between the lines
The most comfortable for the user will be the text, which has a good distance between lines. The ideal interval is considered to be equal to 130-150% of the height of the characters.
Pay attention to the mobile version of the site
 Most modern users explore sites from their mobile devices. And this should be taken into account. It is important not just to reduce the normal version of the site, fitting for the mobile version, but also to develop a design for it with special rules of typography. These rules should also be taken into account when developing a corporate identity for the company.
Do not use hyphenation
 Text with a large number of transpositions visually more difficult to perceive. Therefore, it is recommended to abandon the use of hyphenation.
Do not use Comic Sans.
 The inappropriate use of Comic Sans font has already made a lot of noise on the Internet. Do not create your own antipublicity with the inappropriate use of fonts on the site.

VerdeGo Landscape requested outdoor posters to be created to display around their garden center informing customers on company services and gardening tips. The posters were printed on a laminated water proof material and displayed in custom made wood frames.

Created in: Adobe Photoshop and Dynascape Design

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