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Our many years of experience shows that having a website development plan significantly reduces the time required to implement, test and launch the project. This allows you to optimize your budget and start getting the benefits of your new resource sooner. That's why you should take some time to prepare a plan. Below we will talk about the most important issues that you need to think about during the planning.

 Goals .

It is necessary to answer a simple question: what are the functions of the future online resource, what benefits it will bring? Think about that should be at the stage of creating a work plan for the development of the site, because it will determine many of the decisions and help to draw up a statement of work. The design, structure and content of the pages depend on the initial goal.

 Domain name

If you choose a domain at once, you can significantly reduce the stages of testing and transferring the site to hosting. During the development process, programmers deploy a local server, where they create a temporary address to which they will refer to the project during operation. During the transfer of this address will be replaced by a domain name. If it is known in advance, it will have to make far fewer changes in the code. This will reduce the number of errors.


Despite the fact that the development of sites always includes a stage of preparing a design, but to think about the visual concept, to formulate wishes in advance. Will the external appearance of the site graphically rich or concise, whether it is necessary to adapt it for mobile devices, whether to use the company colors or pick up another palette - all these and other questions will help the designer to quickly find solutions that will fully satisfy.


CMS (Content Management System) - a content management system for the site. This is the tool with which you or the administrators will manage the published information. Choose a CMS should be before you start developing due to many factors. The fact that CMS determines:

peculiarities of the layout, page structure and files of the project;

which components already exist and which will have to be developed from scratch;

Requirements for the technology used, the parameters of the hosting or server.

CMS can be paid and free. The advantage of the latter - a large number of add-ons and ready-made components. Paid systems are chosen by those who have high demands on performance, safety and ease of administration of the future site.

 Content plan .

Here you do not need to form a detailed grid for publishing content. It is enough to determine what types of information will be placed on its pages. These can be product cards, examples of completed projects, descriptions and presentations of services, catalog with filters, video, audio, and interactive games. Even an approximate plan will reduce the number of revisions that will have to be made in the process of using the site, as well as provide convenient options for working with any particular type of content.

Canvas Size: 48 x 36″

Medium: Acrylics and paint pens on canvas

Price: $500.00



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